Student Life Awards 2018

Student Life Awards 2018

The Division of Student Affairs sponsors the Annual Outstanding Student Life Awards to recognize FIU students who have excelled academically and in the areas of distinguished service to others, innovation, leadership, diversity advancement, and promotion of the Panther Spirit.  These student leaders serve as a source of pride and inspiration to others by giving unselfishly of themselves in order to enhance life on campus and to make FIU a better place for all of us.  


Nominees for all awards must:

• Demonstrate leadership in the University community through formal and informal leadership roles in organizations and activities that enhance life on campus
• Be an enrolled student at FIU during the semester of the awards ceremony
• Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75
• Be in good standing with the University  

Nomination Requirements

Nominators must:

• Complete the online nomination form by Thursday, January 25, 2018. THIS FORM WILL CLOSE AT 11 pm on 1/25/2018. Please ensure that all entries are completed prior to this date and time.
• Answer the nomination questions and/or provide a letter of support stating the award category and examples that indicate the strength of the student’s candidacy, and whenever applicable, the impact the student has had through co-curricular involvement
• Provide contact information for the student, who will receive a request for additional information such as a resume and permission to access university records

Nominees must:

- Complete the online nominee form (which will be sent to the email provided by your nominator once the nomination has been submitted) by Monday, February 5, 2018. THIS FORM WILL CLOSE AT 11pm on 2/5/2018. Please ensure that all entries are completed prior to this date and time.
- If you are nominated for multiple awards you will receive the nominee form multiple times, please submit one form for each nomination.
- Provide a current resume/CV highlighting leadership and/or academic achievements in PDF format
- Grant selection committee permission to verify relevant student records