Chapman Graduate School Photo/Video Consent Form

Chapman Graduate School Photo/Video Consent Form

By submitting your information and signing the form below, you agree to adhere by the policies set forth by the Executive and Professional MBA programs.

I hereby give my consent to The Florida International University Board of Trustees ("FIU"):

(a) to record my likeness and voice on a video, audio, photographic, digital, electronic or any other medium and to use my name in connection with these recordings; and

(b) to use, reproduce, exhibit or distribute these recordings in whole or in part in perpetuity in any and all media throughout the universe (including but not limited to print publications, video tapes, non-theatrical, home video, CD-ROM, internet and any other electronic or other medium presently in existence or invented in the future) for any purpose that FIU, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate, including promotional, recruiting, advertising and any commercial or non-commercial use.

I hereby release FIU from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of actions, suits, costs, expenses, liabilities, and damages whatsoever that I may hereafter have from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right I may have in connection with such use of my likeness, voice, or name in any medium. I understand and agree that all such recordings, in whatever medium, shall remain the property of FIU. I have read and fully understand the terms of this release.