FIU Trombone Workshop 2024

FIU Trombone Workshop 2024

FIU Trombone Workshop 2024
Welcome to the 2024 FIU Trombone Workshop taking place this July 15th - July 18th 2024 from 1pm until 5pm at the Florida International University School of Music for students entering 7-12 grade!

We offer a one-week immersive program where we will focus on: Classical, Jazz and commercial trombone performance. Practice routines to develop sound, sight reading skills, improvisation and a guide to the innovators of the instrument.

Please be sure to fill out the form below to secure your spot today for a $50 charge for the entire length of the workshop payable via check/money order/cash at the beginning of the workshop. This will go towards printing parts, the accompanists for the workshop and to help bring in a guest clinician.

Along with this form make sure to email a short video including your full name and the following information to:

Classical Trombone Choir:

-Record yourself playing a solo & ensemble piece or etude you feel comfortable with. This can be a capella or with accompaniment

Jazz Trombone Ensemble:

- Record a short video playing the melody of any jazz standard or (optional) record yourself improvising over a jazz standard or a blues. Feel free to use an accompaniment track if you have one available.

- Be sure to include a working email address so we can send out parts and communicate details after you are registered.

These videos will help us place you and send you the proper part for you to work on for the ensembles this summer.

We look forward to your visit on our beautiful campus!

If you have questions, contact the School of Music office at (305) 348 -2896 or